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Bold Abstracts

Acrylic Paint Colors
"My desire in life is to inspire and encourage others - to have compassion and love for all of God's creation. If I can bring you joy, peace and hope, through my words, acts, deeds or artwork, then it will be well with my soul."

-  Traci Becker-


Colorful Florals

Original acryli abstract painting

Why Support an Artist?

Clients who purchase art from my website will not be purchasing something they see everywhere from chain stores like Wallmart, Target or HomeGoods.  They will have an original piece of art that is uniquely made by my hand with the help of the Holy Spirit - a piece of art that may increase in value over time. Art that is colorful, fun, and vibrant. Art that brings the outside in and transforms their living space into areas that promote feelings of happiness, contentment, balance, satisfaction, and encouragement.

Peaceful Landscapes

Acrylic Paint Colors
"I can't take myself or life too seriously, otherwise I might miss out on a good belly laugh. Life is unpredictable and messy at times.  It needs to be experienced, cherished, and most of all lived.  It is quite short on this side of eternity afterall."

- Traci Becker

Whimsical, Characters

& Animals


Thank you

Traci, owner and acrylic artist in CA, Traci B. Creations

I am a genuine person with Christian values.  I work hard to create beautiful pieces of art that are unique from other artists. I understand my clients needs and can identify with their lifestyle and desire to decorate their home in a way that promotes feelings of joy, and contentment.  I offer the extra personal touch of providing the option of scripture reference or encouraging words on canvas prints.
I connect with my clients in a personal way. My art is inspired by the God I love. I create with you in mind in order to produce feelings of happiness.


I hope you find something that speaks to you. I am very proud of the pieces I created from my humble beginnings, to where I am now, and to where I hope to be. These images are protected by copyright, so please don't copy, save, or print unless permission is granted. 

- Traci B.

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