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Dining room setting with Traci B Creations acrylic artowrk hanging on wall.

Let's learn more about the local Vacaville California artist.

Acrylic Artist, Traci B. Creations

About the Artist

Self Taught Californian Acrylic Artist 

Welcome! I am so glad to have you here. I am a self-taught artist living in Northern California, and I love creating Impressionist floral paintings and abstract landscapes that are bright, bold, and filled with color! My ultimate inspiration comes from looking at God’s creation outdoors, but, I also draw inspiration from these Master Artists.

  • Claude Monet; for his soft-focus views and use of color.

  • Henri Matisse, for his simplicity and use of vibrant color. 

  • Berthe Morisot, for her veiling brushstrokes, her ability to tell stories, and her character portraits with a sense of mystery. 

I'm drawn to bright cool colors but love adding depth with warm tones. I create a kaleidoscope of color in abstract acrylic paintings and floral pieces, hoping to bring a sense of happiness and joy to your home decor. 

A few fun facts:

First Passion

I love Jesus and I invite  the Holy Spirit to be with me when I  create my artwork.

Former Career

After a long career in the legal field, I studied at the Ashland Institute of Massage which resulted in a rewarding 16-year career as a therapist & day spa owner.

Where it Began 

In 7th grade, I was voted "art teacher for the day," which inspired me to learn acrylic painting and drawing. A hobby turned passion turned into a small business.

Acrylic Paint Colors

More Backstory

Paint brsuhes on table with acrylic paints.
Traci, owner and acrylic artist at Traci B. Creations.

I've learned that it's how we respond to life's challenges that matter. We get to choose how we feel, and I choose to feel happy and overcome obstacles with an open heart


I can't think of a better way to spend my days than working on relationships with family and friends and serving the God I love.  My artwork shows the beauty God has created, and I love sharing my passion with others. 

Like my life, my art is ever-evolving - it changes and grows with the seasons. My faith is firmly rooted in God, and I know that no matter what life brings my way, my hope is secure, and love abounds.

What DrivesMe

traci B (1)_edited_edited.png
Acrylic paint brushes and paint board

Once Upon a Time

  • I grew up in Pinole, California, and have lived in California for most of my life.

  • Being told not to go to college was bad advice, but I was lucky enough to land a career as a legal secretary (which helped me provide for myself and two very young children after my marriage ended)

  • With a career, singleness, and children in tow, my art took a back seat; However, in 2006, my final project in massage school brought my love for painting to the forefront. I created a beautiful painted tree with movement and flow depicting my personal growth in life

  • I now live with my husband Richard in Northern California and take on-line art classes through the Kara Bullock Art School and Jeanne Oliver Designs. I am learning all I can, creating many different art pieces, and developing my style. 

  • My husband and I are involved in our local church, and I had the privilege of painting murals and extra large canvas pieces for the hallways of the preschool. I regularly invite the Holy Spirit to create with me and desire for all my work to glorify God.

Behind the Brush

For more behind the scenes check out my social media to connect with me!

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Acrylic Paint Colors
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