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Traci B Creations Abstract painting hangs over couch in living room setting.


As a Artist and as a Christian, I desire to glorify God through my art by sharing His nature in my paintings. My colorful Impressionist landscapes and florals, as well as my abstract artwork will bring you warmth and joy so you always feel at peace in your home.

Acrylic Artist Painting Board

You Love Color & Value Original Pieces

Color yourself happy with landscapes and florals that bring the outdoors inside. Line your walls with one-of-a-kind abstract artwork that makes you feel empowered.  Or choose a whimsical character or animal painting that makes you smile.

"Freedom" (View in Gallery)

Original Abstract Acrylic Artwork by Traci B Creations

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

-  2 Corinthians 3:17  -

About the Artist

Rooted in Love_1.jpg

I love to paint and I refuse to put myself in a box and only paint one thing over and and over and over again, just to be known as the artist who paint's hearts.  There are a lot of artists who paint hearts.  I am an Artist who desires to glorify God through my artwork by sharing His nature in my paintings which is love. I create and hope that you feel balanced, happy, calm, inspired, or encouraged when looking at my artwork.


"Raised Hands" (Church Mural )


"God is Love" (Church Mural )


Client Testimonial

"Working with Traci has been a joy! In the final phase of remodeling our preschool environments we needed a creative, versatile, + collaborative artist who could bring our vision to reality. She exceeded our expectations and put so much more into this project! Her artwork bursts with color and vibrancy, that elicits awe, wonder, + smiles. Kids + adults alike pause to find creatures in the wall murals or gaze at the swirls of colors in the canvas pieces. Her adaptability + positive attitude made collaboration fun + exciting. We're SO thankful!"

-  Brendan Kavanagh  -

Director of Family Ministries

Community Church Vacaville, CA

My Blog

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Places I involve myself:

Vacaville Art Gallery

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Any questions? Let's chat.

I'm always excited to meet my clients. Feel free to message me or connect via social media. Reach out with any collaborations or church related events.

Phone: (707) 359-9322


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