Traci B Creations Abstract painting hangs over couch in living room setting.

As a Christian Artist, I desire to glorify God through my art by sharing His nature in my paintings. My colorful Impressionist landscapes and florals, as well as my abstract artwork will bring you warmth and joy so you always feel at peace in your home.



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You Love Color & Value Original Pieces

Feel happy and balanced in your home, surrounded by landscapes that bring the outdoors inside. Line your walls with one-of-a-kind abstract artwork that makes you feel encouraged and empowered every day.

Does this sound familiar?

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You Have

No Time

You’re a working professional struggling to balance family and work. You don’t have time to decorate or shop for original work.

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You Want Unique Pieces

You’re tired of seeing the same art in everybody’s home. You want original pieces that stand apart from the masses.

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You Love 

Bold Colors

You’re looking to create spaces that are bright, uplifting, and warm. Artwork that takes your stress away and brings you joy.

"Freedom" (View in Gallery)

Original Abstract Acrylic Artwork by Traci B Creations

I'll make decorating easy for you.

I’m passionate about creating bold abstracts and beautiful florals that make you feel inspired. Get uplifted the moment you enter your home with my colorful landscapes and soothing abstracts that send you to your happy place!

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About the Acrylic Artist

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Meet Traci

I am a Christian Acrylic Artist who desires to glorify God through my artwork by sharing His nature in my paintings. I create impressionist florals, landscapes, and abstracts that add a 'pop' of color to your home. I hope that you feel balanced, happy, calm, inspired, and encouraged when looking at my artwork and that I can bring God’s kaleidoscope of color to life through my carefully crafted creations.

Traci, Owner and acrylic artist, Traci B. Creations Owner
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For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the lord is, there is freedom.

-  2 Corinthians 3:17  -


My Mission

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To create art that glorifies God & lifts your mood

With a focus on impressionist landscapes, bright florals, and abstract pieces, my mission is to reveal God's glory and develop a unique style of art that speaks to people who love nature, bold colors, and God’s creations.

Benefits of Your Support


Go Local

Instead of buying inexpensive decor, buy unique one-of-a-kind piece that increases in value as time goes on.

Vector Art.

Women Owned

I am passionate about using my gifts to help support women. Let's connect and empower one another.


Small Business

You'd be supporting a small business local artist. Painting is my passion, and I am grateful for your support.

"In the Mood" (View in Gallery)

Original Acrylic Abstract Artwork
Artwork that sets your mood to happy...

As a Christian Artist, I desire to glorify God through my work by sharing His nature in my paintings. My colorful artwork will bring you warmth and joy, so you always feel at peace in your home.

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